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Hi guys, your IMM to Outlook Converter saved my live! IncrediMail manufacturers and their support don't want to help users who wish to leave IncreadiMail client so I find your tool and it helped me to migrate all my emails and folders from IncrediMail to Outlook. Thank you very much for this brilliant software!

Alex Gibson
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IncrediMail Contacts to Outlook

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 @ 05:04 PM

IncrediMail to Outlook Converter designed to import emails and attachments from IncrediMail to MS Outlook. You may also transfer IncrediMail  contacts to MS Outlook or export Contacts from IncrediMail address book to any other supported program. This simply task can be performed by you manually. Read more to learn how to convert incredimail adressbook to Outlook contacts.


Overview of IncrediMail mail migration

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 @ 08:04 AM

IncrediMail MailHistorically, the IncrediMail mail client has gained a reputation of a strong alternative to most other email applications that were mostly tailored for the corporate world and demanding users who wanted to control nearly every aspect of their daily emailing activities. IncrediMail, on the other hand, offered a different approach to email exchange and faced all other users who sought a way to add more fun to their daily communication with friends and colleagues. As the result, IncrediMail is one of the very few email clients on the market that is functional, entertaining and plain exciting to use. The program offers animated emoticons, customizable message backgrounds and themes, action-specific animations, sounds and a bunch of other features that make the program stand out of the crowd of nearly identical email tools. However, IncrediMail is not the best choice for corporate users, who definitely don’t need all the bells and whistles it offers. Since Outlook is arguably the most popular email client in the corporate world, people migrating from IncrediMail most often transfer their IncrediMail mail to its native PST format and that’s where problems usually start. IncrediMail mail is stored in IMM files, which is native to the application and is not directly supported by any other email programs on the market. Furthermore, some organizations and professionals do not use Outlook or use it in combination with other clients, which creates an obvious need for an efficient strategy of converting Incredimail mail to formats that can be easily imported into popular (and not so popular) email solutions. This article explains the process of converting and transferring IncrediMail mail to intermediate formats and, ultimately, to destination applications such as Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express and even Apple Mail or Mac Mail. Details

IncrediMail to Mac Mail Conversion The IncrediMail email client and Apple computers have always belonged to a category of products that were mostly chosen by the creative crowd. These people know what they want in a product and they want it to be fun, easy to use and entertaining – and that’s why so many people today are switching from Windows to Mac OS. Sometimes, however, this process may involve Incredimail to Mac Mail migration, since there is no Mac version of IncrediMail available at the moment. Unfortunately, the email formats used by IncrediMail and Mac Mail are incompatible, which makes the direct transfer of email files impossible and creates a need for an IncrediMail to Mac Mail conversion tool. Details

IncrediMail to Windows Live MailIncrediMail has always been one of the strongest alternatives to conventional email clients. Unlike regular email programs, IncrediMail is primarily intended for users looking for new ways of expressing themselves in emails, customizing their email tool to their taste and generally having a better everyday experience with their primary communication tool. IncrediMail comes with great-looking interface animations, emoticons, message backgrounds, 3D effects, sounds a whole lot more. However, when an active IncrediMail user is forced to abandon it and switch to something more business-like – no matter the reason – they face the problem of IncrediMail to Windows Live Mail migration. Given that most users of IncrediMail are not exactly system administrators, the prospect of having to handle an Incredimail to Windows Live Mail data conversion process on their own may seem quite discomforting. This task, however, can be accomplished quite easily even in the manual mode, let alone situations where specialized software can come to rescue. Details

Migrating from IncrediMail to Thunderbird

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 @ 03:02 AM

IncrediMail to ThunderbirdThunderbird is an email client that was first presented to the public in 2004 and has since been installed on millions of computers. Thunderbird is based on a proprietary engine that has nothing to do with Microsoft’s products and email clients, features an extremely flexible UI with advanced support of themes and offers a number of other handy features that make it easier to send and receive emails. IncrediMail, on the other hand, offers a lot more in terms of making daily communications a fun experience – animated message notifications, custom backgrounds, contact photos, an e-card editor, sounds, 3D effects and lots of other bells and whistles that really make it different. Details

Migrating from IncrediMail to Windows Mail

Thursday, February 16, 2012 @ 07:02 PM

For years, IncrediMail has been one of the few alternatives to mainstream email tools that offered familiar messaging functionality coupled with an unusually user-friendly interface. The latter drastically changed the entire email communication experience and made it possible to personalize messages, add animations to emails, assign photos to contacts for easier identification and generally add more emotions and fun to everyday emailing routines. However, as good as IncrediMail is, it can hardly be used in the corporate world, so a lot of users who are forced to switch to more business-like communication tools end up having to transfer all of their data from IncrediMail to Windows Mail, for instance. Due to the difference of mail formats between these applications, direct import/export of user’s data is not possible, so this situation always requires a third-party tool capable of converting messages and making them suitable for IncrediMail to Windows Mail migration. The very process of IncrediMail to Windows Mail migration is rather simple in terms of format conversion, but requires special tools to automate specific aspects of the Incredimail to Windows Mail data transfer. Details