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Hi guys, your IMM to Outlook Converter saved my live! IncrediMail manufacturers and their support don't want to help users who wish to leave IncreadiMail client so I find your tool and it helped me to migrate all my emails and folders from IncrediMail to Outlook. Thank you very much for this brilliant software!

Alex Gibson
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Why would I need an IncrediMail backup at all?

Monday, December 5, 2011 @ 11:12 AM

Creating an IncrediMail backup copy in Outlook.

As an active user of IncrediMail, you may be quite happy with the features offered by the program and the way its messages look. However, there may come a moment when you may want to copy your message archive to a more serious email application, such as Microsoft Outlook, for this or that reason. First and foremost, you may want to be able to use some of your IncrediMail messages at work or create an IncrediMail backup copy of your home email archive on a different computer. Although this is not exactly an IncrediMail backup operation in the conventional sense of the phrase, it still fulfills the primary goal of any backup – saves your data and email messages in a different place to prevent its loss or damage in case of a local data corruption incident. Once your IncrediMail backup is completed, your messages will be a lot safer in a protected corporate environment. This method of IncrediMail backup requires a minimum of skills and can be used by anyone who has the right tool. Details